Not just another club tour
but something you gonna remember for a long time

We always travel whit photographer or video maker to memorize best night of your life!


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We know how
to party

We are a group of three, three guys who combine over 10k+ shows in total! All head of their own league, masters of their own class, they can turn every club into a massive partyzone

2017 they performed over 33 BOOM Shows just in 4 months, 2018 won't be anything less!

They reach over 100k views in social media, totaled from different platforms. Almost every event was fully-booked and event got praised every time by club owners.

Few words about

Club founded 2017 and was immediately one of the hottest clubs from the start

BOOM Tour started summer of 2017 and in 2months it sold all the weekends for rest of the year. BOOM Tour participants traveled over 16.000km and drove the car over 241hours in total, thank god they had a sponsor IT-Motors who helped them to get tour done, they are trying at least double the amount for the year 2018, will your club be part of the success story?

BOOM Tour has two DJ's, DJ Luoma & Justin Case and of course cherry on the top, ultimate hype man Niko Nousiainen